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Freedom! by Asterisc21, sxc.hu

This online book explores some common issues for people who are avoiding truth in their lives. It seeks to understand the root causes of those issues and to provide some advice towards overcoming them.

The book consists of six chapters; you can see a summary on the right, or choose a particular chapter from the list below:

  1. Path to freedom in Christ
  2. The victim mentality: It wasn't my fault!
  3. Selective hearing: I can't hear you!
  4. The need to be nurtured
  5. Rejection: A lack of trust in God's goodness
  6. Conclusion
  • Why do people get stuck?

    Sometimes people seem to be bound in self-deception, selfishness or self-pity. Underlying this self-focus can be a range of emotional, social and spiritual issues.

    Some of these can be overcome with love, acceptance and truth. But sometimes these signs are also a flag for mental health issues.

  • A focus on mental health

    Some people may have real chemical, biological or psychological issues that feed their addiction to self. This website doesn't purport to provide professional advice.

    If you or your friend has significant or prolonged issues in these areas, you should seek the advice of a qualified medical professional.


  • God's warrior or God's worrier? God's desire is for us to move forward with bold confidence. Unfortunately, by past circumstances can keep us focused on our needs rather than our destiny.

  • Some people always seem to be experiencing a difficult life. Why does everything bad happen to them? Perhaps their glass is a little half empty, and they've adopted a victim mentality.

  • Sometimes people are so locked up in their self-focus, they can't hear truth. Everything they hear is either twisted or blocked out, so they only hear truth the way according to their existing beliefs.

  • Chapter 4

    The need to be nurtured

    People need to feel valued. If they have received that value in healthy ways, sometimes they will seek to steal it in unhealthy ways. Consistent affirmational love can overcome this dysfunction.

  • If we really understood how abundant, continual and unconditional God's love is for us, we'd never doubt our own value and ability. We need to reset our thinking and leave past hurts behind.

  • Fortunately, Jesus cares deeply about us, regardless of what we've said or done, or how others have treated us. His love can wash away the past and create a new, exciting and healthy future.