Conclusion: Finding the solution in Jesus!

Freedom! by Asterisc21,

Finding the solution in Jesus!

What hope can someone have, who has surrended their life to the winds of fate, being buffeted by every circumstance that comes their way? There is only one hope, that someone strong, faithful and trustworthy could come and captain this soul, and sail it safely through the treacherous waters of rejection and hurt and in to the safer seas of delight and destiny. A shepherd who is closer than a brother, and whose love and understanding is beyond what any human could ever offer. This person sole hope, sole saviour, sole form of release is Jesus Christ.

From the previous passages above, we can see that this person's has never lived in true liberty. As circumstances have bogged them down and more hurts have come along the way, they have been more and more bound. Even if this person is saved, their salvation is ineffectual at best - God's word is not being effective in their lives.

Can the all powerful Word of God be rendered ineffective by mere man? How could it be possible? Only because we harden hearts and became stuck in certain ways of thinking. Mark 7:13 says "Making the word of God of none effect through your tradition, which ye have delivered: and many such like things do ye." The Pharisees had rendered God's Word ineffective through their traditions - they had become so stuck in their ways that they were no longer open to the truth. The only way to surmount this is to become, once again, as babes, as Jesus said in Luke:17 "Truly I say to you, whoever does not receive the kingdom of God like a child shall not enter it at all."

Adults are always trying to reason and understand, they become too sophisticated to accept the simple truths. A child is open to the evaluation process, totally transparent and vulnerable - they have no reason to be otherwise! And so, we must come as children, we must put down our masks, our sophistication, our reasoning, and be totally transparent and vulnerable to those who would help us be free.

The path to freedom is simple - it's a two step plan - repent and embrace God's forgiveness. In order to repent, we must acknowledged that we have sinned. We must recognize that this sin has seperated us from God. The rejected child must repent for not accepting God's grace at her time of need. She must repent for being bitter toward God for the hurt in her life. She repent for not being open to His loving evaluation, that scalpel that sought to cut the infection from her soul. And she must change!

No longer bound by the circumstances of her past, she must embrace the tender love of the Father, which was always available to her, even as a child, though maybe she knew it not. She must enlist the help of her friends and family, invite their scalpels to work in her life, to cut out those painful areas that have prevented her from becoming whole. It is a process, it will take time, it will hurt - surgery always does - but the healing process can never take place until the infection has been cut out!

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