Introduction: God's warrior or God's worrier?

worried by JuliaF,

God's desire is for us to move forward with bold confidence. He wants us to say "I'm going to fulfill my destiny, will you join me?" Unfortunately, those who have been hurt by past circumstances often twist this question into "If you join me, I might be able to fulfill my destiny." This incorrectly puts the responsibility for your destiny on the shoulders of others! Clearly, this is not a Biblical position - our destiny lies in the hands of God, and can be worked out by us, if we choose to. Just like Joshua, our attitude must be "I'm going for God, whether you want to come or not!" (`Will you serve the Lord? As for me and my house, we will!' Joshua 24:15)

Some things that can prevent people from living like this are a victim mentality, selective hearing, a lack of nurturing and the fear of man or fear of rejection. This book explores these issues and provides some Biblical advice for overcoming them.